Original photo. Taken with Canon 1200D.

Normally Open

“You’ve always wanted this, haven’t you? Even as a babe, it’s all you’ve ever dreamed of, all you’ve ever talked about. Now it’s in your grasp. What are you waiting for? Why haven’t you braced yourself for what was coming?”

His eyes drifted away from the knowing gaze of his old man. Wishing 10 years back he had the same wisdom he adopted now. “You can see it in my eyes, can’t you? The wrinkles on my forehead, the furrowing of brows, the subtle way I try to keep my mouth from frowning. I yearn back for the times of my past and I feel like a fool for not having any sense of precaution. It’s true when you say that I should be careful of what I wish for. I’ve grown older, but I’m not any wiser.”

The old man’s features softened and he put a gentle hand on the young man’s back. “But it’s not too late. What is diseased can be cured. Don’t give up. There is no harm in your openness and willingness to love—and hurt. Pick yourself up and brush away the dirt. Follow me and trust the Gods in what they’ve given birth in you.”


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