“I think I love him..but not yet. It’s too soon. I cannot make the jump at a low point in my life. I think he loves me but I do not really know.

I feel like time slows down. Old 80’s soundtrack plays on the background. It was 1 AM in the morning again.I cradle my phone like I would cradle his head.He whispers to my ear music of the universe and the hope of the human soul.

He was real, perhaps he is honest. Why couldn’t I adore him? But no, not yet, I need to fly away.

For distance,

For thinking,

For the love of my heart.

I do not want to jump. I do not want to expect.

But I do know that I wish time stopped at 1 AM with my head on your neck as we talked about all that matters and all that had soul.

I can’t stop myself when I think of you but the world is waiting; we both have to get going.

I have to think of myself too.”


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