Animal Series

A collection of animal-themed poems exploring the wickedness and nihilism of humanity. Enjoy!

I. Bear

The forest has got
The tiny little bear thinking
Doing silly things
And wounding his skin.
Empty is what he feels
And empty is the space in
His heart.

Or so he thinks
As the witch poisons,
The mind with the sins and twigs
That are misplaced
Out of deceit.

The bear grit his teeth
And ripped his chest open: crack, crack!
Pushed a paw deep inside
His ribcage
blood spurting
a small squealing can be heard.
His claws wrapped around
a tiny, pesky roach.
He threw it on the ground
And stomped

Red and green liquid
Oozed out of the roach;
The bear cried because his heart
Was damaged beyond measure
And yet he destroyed the pest within him
He could not help but smile
Through the puddle of blood he found himself in

“All I need are stitches,” he mumbled,
Falling to the ground.
The next day he was lost
And can never be found.

II. Wolf

You might think all you need to know
Is what you can only see.
The surface is a mask
Understand that I’m
Not that crystal clear

While I laugh in the dark,
You trip and fumble; why are you so dumb?
All you needed to do
Was inspect the barn
Who knows if a wolf
Killed all the sheep at once?

I am a nightmare
My prey’s skin I wear
To trip gullible people
And fool foolish girls
Pretend I’m their friend
Then bite off their heads
You better not trust me
I wouldn’t trust myself.

So run, run!
Run away while you can!
Because I have my sights on you as well

Such an angel, until when?

Little darling, trust a stranger
And let the devil lead the way;
Step out of heaven and you’ll see
It’s easy to become just like me.

III. Butterfly

I flutter and flit
And flaunt my pretty wings
So unique and different, so special and sweet
Let them marvel in my beauty only I can omit
Your eyes give me joy
And the cue to spread my wings
Some more.

Keep looking…oh, I love it!
To know I’m your queen—
What’s that? You glanced at somebody else?
Let me see…ha! Are you kidding me?

She’s not even that pretty!
All she has is a cynical mouth
And an out of touch mind.
Look at that poor hummingbird go
And fumble about.

Wait, no, look back,
I have more to offer:
I’m perfect and unique
And everything you want and more
The light shines through
My shapely body
The universe has kissed me
With riches unknown to other beings
I have seen the world
And learned the way to live
Why mess around with a bird without poise and pretty wings?
Too immature, too young, too flighty, too airy,
To naïve for the world nor blessed with what
Nature has given me—wait, no,

I don’t want you to go!
I wanted to love you—come back, don’t leave me alone!
Fine, leave, I can’t change a stupid mind.
I can always flutter my wings
And flit my way into any kind.

IV. Spider

I think I love you and your strings:
Strong, silky, thin—just like mine.
Your calls I’ve heard
From miles and miles away
And I’ve come to answer
To relieve you of the ache.

Tell me, does my skin
Take your breath away?
Look into my eyes, and tell me,
Are you hypnotized? Scared? Terrified?
I’ve been watching you eye me
With all one hundred of them

Tell me, do you want it
That bad?

Tell me, would you want it
If it tasted of death and blood?

It thrills you, doesn’t it?
I know it does, don’t hide it.
Here, let me just stick poison through your body
I’ll show you what love really means to me.






Who knew I had to lose you
For me to realize
That everything I needed was right here all the time.
I’ll never forget the love we shared
No matter how you see me
Know that I loved you,
But time wants me more now.

I don’t need your approval.
Don’t need your voice.
Don’t need reassurance

I’m moving on from that kind of thinking.
I never knew I could.
There are so much more to look out now;
It’s all waiting for me.
And I think of all the others
Piled up in a cloud of dust.
I had a choice
And blew them all away.


It’s the end of the year, and I’m happy
But there is so much more out there.
Happiness is never permanent
But peace is
And faith is.


I told myself I would sink my teeth in
It’s not like I had anything to lose then
But here I am surrounded
By people,
By stories,
By controversies,
By beauty and wickedness.
In the end, all I have is myself.
Might as well, learn to live with her.


There’s no point to cutting the cord of my soul.
I’m staying.
I’m alive.
Who knew.
Who knew?
I didn’t…yet here I am.

Yet here I am.


I still have so many things to say
That only the ceiling can bear to hear.
All the laments, all the reasons, all the excuses,
I still have them all tucked in here
And it feels heavier by the minute.
It feels like I want to scream
But it feels like my voice will only echo
Across empty lands and deaf ears
Screaming through the howling wind
Fighting through another thunderstorm.


I have never been considerably anything
Other than average
Or weak
Or fearful.
Over time, the urge to succumb to such labels
Gets stronger, like a monster
Gathering its bearings.
Who is to blame,
The monster?
The feeders?
Or the Creator?


Playing God in the only war
You can wage upon yourself
Trudging through barren lands;
Once innocent, once full of beauty.
I looked at the sky and God saw Death in me
Breathing, living, filling my lungs,
Inhabiting every cell in my body.
God did not care but she was not new
To such narcissistic apatheticness
Of a family who didn’t saw the pain


Run, run little girl, a voice says on her heart
Never see them again.
Live life in a chaotic path!
But I stopped and stared at the ground
Stopped my rash infatuation
To the apple the snake offered
I tried to stop thinking
But I couldn’t
However, I couldn’t
I couldn’t…
I’m trying my best
But I can’t…


Everything with him is the same
A familiar trainwreck waiting to happen
And I could say the same thing about me
I’m drowning myself
In my own sorrow while I huddle myself
In a friend’s home
Tears replace what words could not show
Because I don’t know what’s going on
And I want to run away
To someplace better
To someplace more magical
Anywhere other than here.
I can’t keep doing this
Lying behind everybody’s back
Never trusting myself
Never trusting others


Sometimes all I want to do
Is to write as much as I can
Because there’s no other way
I can write the pain away
It’s all shirt and mud and grease
Inside my veins
Tricking through open wounds.
Please, all I want is for you to touch me gently
I’m hurt, I’m trying to be brave
I’m trying to live life again
I’m doing my best


But I’m tired of explaining
And tired of expecting
I’m tired of myself
And I’m almost tired of trying


I need hope, I want to hope
I want to have faith
I want to believe
In that last spark trying to
Rekindle itself within me
I’m keeping it alight
Cupping the flame between my hands
“This is the only thing I can do
To save my soul from Hell.”



Thoughts and questions
scattered in different directions;
Wonders and fears
mixed together
in an intimidating bundle.
Passive like a statue,
lifeless like a robot.
Hearts as wild as the jungle
But minds as frozen as ice.
Freedom from this cage,
That’s all she desires:To fly to the future.
Leave the hurt
and pain behind
In the tiny cage of hopelessness.
If only
she can.

In this catatonic state of mind,
Where everything is on autopilot,
There’s death
Lurking inside,
Getting through the seams,
Destroying everything.
The monsters are
getting scarier now.
Back to the comforts
Of blankets
and teddy bears.
Off she goes,
To a land far away
once more.


I don’t think I need someone else
as much as I did before
but sometimes
while I’m alone
I wish you were here.
I wish you were right beside me
so I can see you,
hear you,
feel you.
I don’t think
I love you;
not in that way.
But I want to care for you
even if the world does not give you
the care you deserve.
I don’t need a lover and neither do you.
What I want is a bond.
I’ll get there when you decide
to keep on reaching out
your hand.